Schwartz and Associates provides their clients with a no-nonsense, straightforward and knowledgeable style of service, but they also believe that doesn’t mean they need to be stuffy, reserved, or worse, boring. No, they are perhaps some of the friendliest, warmest and most fun-loving professionals you’ll ever have the pleasure to do business with.


Our Beliefs

Truth Builds Trust. At least that’s how we see it.

The truth matters. When we provide you with honest advice, experienced perspective, and the facts to back it up, we become a trusted partner who helps you make better decisions about the future of your property. We are in the business of revealing truths to earn your trust.


Why Use Schwartz and Associates

Expertise: We have specialized in selling properties like yours for more than 17 years

Commitment: We are unusually committed to our clients and go to great lengths to make great things happen. Our focus is on all aspects of selling your property, from pre- to post-sale.

Knowledge: We know every aspect of Barrie – from overall markets to individual properties, zoning, taxes and amenities.

Collaboration: We are an agile, tight-knit group that collaborates, with each other, and our clients. The entire company is your team.